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A special message to patients who have a vision plan:

As of May 20, 2022, Holliston Vision Center no longer accepts vision plans like VSP and EyeMed.  Notification letters were sent to our VSP patients in March 2022. EyeMed was discontinued in November 2020. 

Vision plan members can continue to come!  You can still get your eyes checked here!​ You can still purchase eyewear from our optical!  You have options:

  • Your health insurance plan often provides a routine well-vision exam benefit.  Please check your eligibility!
  • Your health insurance plan will cover your eye visit if:
    • you have a medically related eye problem like redness, dryness, itching 
    • you have a chronic condition like diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract that requires regular medical eye health monitoring.
  • You can use your Flex Spending Account (FSA) for your eye exam and eyewear / contact lens materials. 
  • You can take advantage of our in-office WeCare plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. 

 We want to continue to provide you with personal, friendly, comprehensive eye care!  You will always be able to obtain a copy of your prescription.  You can pay out-of-pocket for services provided.  You may have an option to submit your paid receipts to your vision plan for direct reimbursement back to you (please check with your vision plan for details).  

I believe I must maintain the focus and attention of my team on continuing to provide the highest standard of care.  All of us look forward to the opportunity to provide you with continued quality eyecare and fabulous eyewear beyond the restrictions of the VSP contract. 

I cannot allow any vision plan to dictate treatment, standards, or quality of care, which does not meet my expectations.  I value being an independent optometrist and a small business owner.  Free from vision plans (like VSP and EyeMed), I am under no obligation to sell my patients inferior, bulk products. In fact, a large percentage of our frame inventory is supplied by independent frame lines, which supports small businesses.  We can confidently offer the highest quality products and materials regardless of which discount vision plan our patients have.

I try to provide a relaxed experience for patients in the exam room.  I enjoy getting to know my patients and explaining things in a way that each person understands exactly what is going on with their own eyes.

No longer pressured by volume to meet overhead expenses, and no longer burdened by complex details of vision plan, my staff and I are able to devote the time and attention that each patient who comes through our door deserves. 

Over all the years at Holliston Vision Center, and especially since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have been granted the support and confidence of our patients. The level of care I insist we provide is not an option while in-network with discount vision plans. If this resonates with you and you want a different, better experience, call us. 

I truly appreciate your ongoing trust and will always strive to provide you with exceptional eye care service and products. 


Roselyn Jeun, O.D. 

​​Holliston Vision Center

841 Washington Street

Holliston, MA 01746

Optical Dispensary​

We always carry a wide selection of fashionable, on -trend eyewear!

Do you have VSP?

See "Special Message"


Contact Lens Evaluation

Our optometrists love contact lenses!  Dr. Jeun specializes in advanced contact lens fitting.

The 2022 winners for our Eyeglasses Cleaning Cloth Art Contest!  

Allison M., age 10, Holliston  = flower

Emerson Q., age 8, Holliston = butterfly

​Emma K., age 9, 

Holliston = robot

​Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork!

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A Friendly Hello to All of Our Patients!


Monday to Friday:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Weekends:  Closed

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We continue to follow safe practice guidelines to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19.  Our eyecare team is required to continue wearing a face mask during patient care.  It is optional for you to wear a face mask.  However, you will be asked to wear one if you are feeling ill or have a cold, sore throat or runny nose / sneezing.  

Exams and optical services are by appointment only.  If you require urgent medical eye care, we ask that you call us first and we will make sure you are seen as soon as possible. 

Contact us if you want to arrange pickups of contact lens supplies and eyeglasses orders from our secure delivery drop box near our rear door.  

Thank you for supporting a local business!  We appreciate that you order your contact lens supply and eyewear with us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Please be reassured that disinfection protocols are set up to ensure the cleanliness of the office space, exam room, testing equipment, and optical area.  All eyeglasses frames are cleaned and disinfected after handling.

All of us at Holliston Vision Center care deeply about your eye health and your well-being. We are available for questions or concerns about your eyes.

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